Current-Argus Update

February 4, 2010

Many people have recently been sending me messages like this: “Dan, why can’t I find any of your writing on the Current-Argus website? Do you really work them or is this all a big joke!?”

Well I am here to assure you that I do indeed work for the Current-Argus. I am also here to announce the publishing of my first column! My first two preview stories and my first game story will be coming out Friday and Saturday. As promised, I will not post these articles here but force you to look on our website. That’s what that flashy new link in the right hand column is for. Enjoy.

PS Stay tuned for the release of a Current-Argus Sports facebook page and Twitter feed. I’m not really sure when I plan on making these things but they will happen… eventually.

PSS The next Dan in Real Life post is currently half written (or is it currently half un-written?) Should be out soon as well but I won’t make any promises.


A Swift Taylor-ing of my blog

December 22, 2009

In no way am I saying Taylor Swift is God. Let’s get that one clear from the start. That being said, I had an epiphany of sorts today while singing along to one of her songs in the car (to answer your question, yes, I do this often. To answer your other question, yes, I am comfortable sharing this fact on the world wide web).

“You Belong With Me” is clearly written from the love-struck perspective of a teenage (she’s actually 20 now) girl about some cute guy with mixed-up priorities when it comes to women. It actually works much better, however , as a song from God to you.

Ok, sure, this thought isn’t all that revolutionary considering the title of the song. But take a look at the verses (as if you don’t already have them all memorized) and you may be surprised at just how on to something I am here.

“She doesn’t get your humor like I do… She’ll never know your story like I do.” Well duh. That’s because “I” am God. You know, the same God that, um, made you. The same God that not only knows your story but wrote it Himself. Just sayin.

“She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts. She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers.” Yup, not only is this actually a song about God, but it’s a Christmas song too. Jesus didn’t come to earth as a prince but a pauper. His human dad was a carpenter not a king. Heck, he was born in a freaking manger – as in the thing farm animals eat out of and probably drool in to. Yeah, I’ll go out on a limb and say mondern day Jesus probably doesn’t shop at J Crew. Just sayin.

“You say you’re fine I know you better than that. Whatchya doin with a girl like that?” Here’s the real kicker. In addition to being a song about the real God, it’s also a song about all our fake ones too. Ok, so maybe you don’t pull out a mini golden Buddha during morning prayer, but if you’re anything like me then you still struggle with worshiping idols. Sports teams/players, relationships (perhaps your “significant” other), money, a career, image, pleasure, comfort… yourself. These things aren’t bad. Yup, God made them too. When we pour our lives into them, however, that’s when we crack. These broken cisterns don’t hold water as well as we’d like and we just end up empty and/or exhausted. Whatchya doin with a girl like that?

God wants to be in a love relationship with you. That’s what you were made for. Can’t you see He’s the one that understands you? So why look to someone or something else for life? God has been here all along so why can’t you seeeeee… he’s been dreaming of the day when you wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.

You belong with ‘Me’.

Coach Coles gives yet another classic interview

November 17, 2009

It’s not often that this blog posts the same content as Deadspin. While I admit to being the copycat the first time around, I must give myself a big pat on the back for beating the mega blog to the punch in round two.

Here is the audio of the full press conference… listen for my followup question where I say “Coach, you were playing Big Blue, you were playing John Wall… how’d you keep it so close?” Coles responds by saying “I like you! Oh yeah, he’s from Miami. Thank you. I see you were awake tonight.”

Here is a collection of comments I’ve seen on various postings of the video…

  • When UK has a coaching change again after Coach Cal, this is who I want as UK’s coach!!! LOL
  • love to see reporters get put in thier place, i’ll be watching for Charlie the rest of the season now!
  • Lol cool coach
  • This is one of the funny yet polite of a meltdown from a coach.
  • I didn’t know Bill Cosby coached basketball.
  • I would love to trespass on that grumpy old man’s property, just to hear a three minute folksy rant about getting off his lawn.
  • I think Charlie Coles just ran away with the Walter White “Guys You Think Might Be Black but Have to Check Wikipedia for Verification” Award
  • this is precisely why I love charlie. He doesn’t even coach the team anymore, one of the assistants takes care of that. We just keep him around for stuff like this

Courtside at Rupp Arena Live!

November 16, 2009

Yes, I am well aware that this is a football blog. Yes, I am well aware that the game I am watching is basketball. Do I look like I care? (haha trick question… you can’t see me).

Anyway, I wanted to end my sports journalism career at Miami in style and what better place to do so than the mecca of college basketball. This is the No. 4/5 ranked team in the country here. This is a storied program’s return to glory under a new head coach. Oh yeah, and some confused team from Ohio named Miami is playing too. Forget about the fact that I’m covering the RedHawks’ season finale on the gridiron against Bowling Green in two days. This is my real send off: courtside at Rupp Arena.



I’m not the basketball beat writer so you’re not getting any pregame analysis. What am I supposed to say anyway. Miami, who lost to Towson, is playing the No. 4/5 team in the country. Yup, that’s all there really is to say about that. Michael Griggs, the sports photographer for the Miami Student and my wingman for the night, put it this way: “Kentucky is going to put their balls in Miami’s faces all night long.” For those of you who missed that, he means UK players will be dunking a lot.


Wooooooow! UK players just came onto the court. What an enterance. The Miami basketball experience does not compare to this in any way what so ever. I’m not even sure we play the same sport anymore.


I will do my best to sum up my observations of the UK basketball experience so far. When we arrived in Lexington, over an hour before the game, people were already flocking to the game. Did you read that… an hour before the game… people… flocking. I realize I am more or less speaking in a foreign language for all Miami bball fans right now.

Also, there is so much media here that press “row” circles around the entire court, making it more of a press square than a press row. The two tiers of sold-out stadium seating that go right up to the court give this a slightly different feel than Millett. But really I think its just that there are actually lights in here that stands out the most. Never mind all those screaming fans wearing home colors.

I’m not quite sure UK and its fans know they are playing Miami. Perhaps the saw the red and white and figured Louisville. Judging from all the electricity in the air, I bet there isn’t much of a difference.

When the UK players were introduced, they shot off fireworks. For the record, we are inside. Way cool. I am still slightly deaf and totally in awe.


For anyone who cares about the actual game, Miami is winning right now, 11-8. Just from listening to the crowd I kinda thought we were getting crushed. UK hit a couple of threes, which the fans were kind enough to notify me of with excessive roars. But then I looked up and sure enought… 11-8. Weird.


Just from looking around, you almost get the impression that the architect actually intended basketball to be played here. Somehow I don’t get that same sense at Millett. Oh, and its really loud in here. Can someone tell all those fans to keep it down.


Top recruit John Wall just took a tumble and required a on-court medical attention. That sure quieted the crowd. In case you were wondering, silence can be deafening. He’s ok by the way.


It’s now 17-16 Miami. They better stat bundling up down there in Hades. The UK press has frazzled Miami at times but mostly they are hanging in there pretty well. Honestly, though, UK does look much bigger, faster and just generally more athletic. I think they are trying too hard to put on a show right now. Once they start playing basketball for real this will be over quickly.


24-16 Miami. This team is not star struck in any way, shape or form. Miami just got a bench warning for being to enthusiastic. I’m not mad at all. This is great. Miami came to play. UK time out!


33-18. The crowd, who was unbelievably loud in the opening minutes, has been mostly at a murmur as of late. They are starting to get restless. UK is playing very sloppy and Miami just can’t miss a shot.


I know Miami is known for being home to ridiculously good looking girls, but we are sitting right behind the UK cheerleaders and… that’s all I am going to say.


I just peeked at the stat monitor. Miami is 9-12 from three-point range. WHAT!?


36-24. I guess you can call this a come back. The UK fans certainly seem to think so. They are loud again. Very loud. Miami is still up by 12 but you can sense trouble.


OH MY GOODNESS they are loud. They don’t do any actual cheers like you see on TV at Duke and UNC. Mostly they just yell. A lot. And all at the same time.


Some specific observations. Nick Winbush is on fire… as in 5-5 from 3-point land. Antonio Ballard is a freaking beast. He made a soaring rebound over two UK players from the far side of the paint. Gotta be one of the most athletic player in Miami uniform in a loooong time; definitely since I’ve been at the school; so yeah, a loooong time.


39-36 Miami at half. Now it is definitely a comeback. Thank God for the buzzer. Miami looks pretty frazzled right now. Not sure if it’s the crowd or what. The Hawks lost their touch and UK is starting to find theirs. Much needed break for Miami.


After watching all the pregame commotion I really thought Miami would be overwhelmed. All the fireworks and intimidating music and the real basketball stadium and… and.. and… FANS! But the Hawks were not phased at all. Not even after the No. 4/5 team came out firing. Sure the astronomical shooting percentage helped, as did all the sloppy play from UK. But regardless of the score I was just encouraged to see this team come out and compete. It would been easy to get caught up in the hype and get starry-eyed just from looking around. That did not happen and it took UK, not Miami, a long time to figure out that there was a real basketball game being played and not just an exhibition.

Side note of non-interest: Miami has new uniforms and they look good. Still really basic as to be expected, but at least they don’t look like they belong to my high school basketball team any more.


Start of second half. Very curious to see what happens here.


Miami came out shooting ice-cold. This could be bad. At least they don’t look so out of control like the last stretch of the first half. The offense is running well they just aren’t hitting shots anymore.


43-38 Miami. Game on!


Four fouls on Miami already.


45-40 Miami. Looks pretty even this half so far. Five fouls on Miami. As long as we are winning I am going to type the score as much as possible because its so fun.


We just had the first real cheer from the UK crowd. The best part is that its a profanity so I can’t type it. Ok here we go, they just switched to the ever creative “ref you suck, ref you suck” cheer.


Mavunga is at four fouls. Miami is at six. 45-42 Miami. This is a much slower half scoring wise. Favors MU?


48-42 Miami. Just wanted to type it. That’s all.


50-44. Yup, Miami is still beating the No. 4/5 team in the country… on the road.


First UK dunk. Unfortunately his balls were in nobody’s face. Sorry Griggs.


50-48. The crowd is doing that really loud cheering thing again. Wow, this is such a great game.


The UK mascot is hilarious. He basically just goes around and messes with whoever is around. So funny.


52-50 Miami. Like I said, much slower on the scoring side of life this half. No more up and down the court. No more ridiculous threes. Just good ole fashioned half court Charlier Coles basketball.


Hoop, meet John Wall. John Wall, meet hoop… wow, that will definitely be on SportsCenter tonight. All tied up at 52.


UK leads for the first time in a looong time… and hits a three. It is freaking deafening in here. Hayes goes down and nails a three of his own and gets fouled. Makes the free throw. Now 57-56 UK after all that.


59-59. This feels much more like the first half now.


Incredibly sloppy sequence from both teams. Ends in no points and a very angry Coach Calipari calling a time out.


62-61 Hawks. Miami just refuses to go away.


65-63 Miami. This is getting good. Sorry for the short commentary. I kinda wanna watch the game. 2:58 left on the clock btw.


Antonio Ballard hits one of two free throws. 66-65 Miami.


OUCH! There’s the balls in the face Griggs was looking for. Power dunk if I do say so myself. That should be on SC too. 67-67 after another one of two from the line for Miami. Gotta make those free throws.


UK goes up two. Misses the and one. Time out Miami. 1:15 left. Insane game.


Poor possession from Miami. It was the ole hold the ball until the shot clock runs low then let Kenny do whatever he wants. Works sometimes against MAC teams. Almost never against a top 5 team. UK ball up two with 20 seconds left.


WOW Haddix nearly stole the inbound pass. Fouled him instead. UK up 70-67.


DAGGER! Kenny Hayes nails a three to tie the game after Wall misses the second free throw. BIGGER DAGGER! Wall hits the game winner with 0.5 seconds left at the other end.

WHAT A GAME! WELL PLAYED HAWKS! Heartbreaker for sure but WOW!

Montana football team refuses to speak with student newspaper

October 19, 2009
When the Grizzlies stopped speaking to the Montana student newspaper for doing its job too well, the journalists responded by covering the opposing team in its homecoming issue. I guess even Grizzlies can be catty.

When the Grizzlies stopped speaking to the Montana student newspaper for doing its job too well, the journalists responded by covering the opposing team in its homecoming issue. I guess even Grizzlies can be catty.

(The following story was written by CHELSI MOY of the Missoulian)

Following a scathing story published by the University of Montana student newspaper about an alleged assault by two Grizzly football players, the UM football team has proved it’s good at another game – the silent treatment.

In recent weeks, head coach Bobby Hauck has publicly belittled Kaimin reporters at weekly news conferences, and followed through with an earlier threat of shutting the students out of interviews. Now, the football athletes are no longer speaking to the student reporters either – a silence the Kaimin believes Hauck ordered.

UM officials strongly deny that claim, saying the athletes decided among themselves not to talk.

What brought this spat into public view, however, was last Saturday when fans and alumni crowding into Washington-Grizzly Stadium stopped to grab a GameDay – a free Kaimin-produced publication highlighting a member of the Griz football team – only to find the cover story featuring a coach for Cal Poly, the opposing team.

For many fans, that was a slap in the face, especially on Homecoming weekend.

“This arrangement is not what the Kaimin would prefer, and it’s probably not what the students and community members who seek out GameDay prefer either,” wrote Kaimin editor Allison Maier in an explanation published in the same issue. “But it will remain this way unless head coach Bobby Hauck and his football players decide to talk to the Kaimin reporters again.

The question that has the community and local sports blogosphere abuzz is whether this is appropriate behavior for one of UM’s highest-paid public officials – a person who not only represents UM, but is a role model for his players and those in the community. Opinions fall on both sides of the issue.

At a recent weekly news conference, a Kaimin reporter asked Hauck whether he was going to continue rotating quarterbacks.

“You want something from me now?” replied Hauck. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

A Missoulian sportswriter immediately followed up with the same question, to which Hauck provided an answer.

At the following week’s news conference, the Kaimin reporter again asked a question – this one on how the Grizzly defense would defend against the speed of an opposing running back.

Hauck’s reply: “I’ll give you this, you’re persistent. Who’s next?”

After a recent practice, a student reporter asked a question of a player, who replied that he “wasn’t allowed to talk to the Kaimin,” the school newspaper reported.

Roman Stubbs, sports editor of the Montana Kaimin, and Kaimin editor Allison Maier aren't appologizing for good journalism

Roman Stubbs, sports editor of the Montana Kaimin, and Kaimin editor Allison Maier aren't appologizing for good journalism

Never in 25 years as the Kaimin’s faculty adviser has journalism professor Carol Van Valkenburg seen a coach shut out the student newspaper for this long, and then muzzle those around them, she said.

Athletic director Jim O’Day said he asked the athletes why they’ve chosen to stonewall the student newspaper.

“This is not the first time that has ever happened,” he said. “They’ve rallied around their coach before. It’s distrust of what is going to be reported. And that’s their perception. Is that the reality? No. Is it possible? Sure.”

Chris Jones is a feature writer for Esquire and ESPN Magazine and a UM visiting journalism professor who has been advising the Kaimin this semester. Jones began his career covering professional sports for the National Post in Toronto, and says that Hauck’s attitude toward the press would not be tolerated in a larger market.

Sure, reporters and sources get in disputes, Jones said. What’s different is when a person of authority begins telling others not to talk, too.

“There is definitely a code of silence over the team,” he said. “Bobby Hauck is mad because of good reporting and the Kaimin should not apologize for good reporting.”

The school newspaper published a news story a month ago about an alleged assault outside a fraternity earlier this year by two Griz football players on a UM student, who required medical attention. While the incident went unreported to local authorities, some UM officials were made aware of the situation, including Hauck, who punished the athletes internally and contacted the victim’s father.

When asking Hauck questions about the alleged incident, the student journalist was met with harsh words from the coach, who swore and attempted to cover up the tape recorder. Hauck later apologized for cursing at the student, but that hardly proved the end of things.

“Hauck can do what he wants, but the players won’t talk to us and that’s my main concern,” said Maier, who has been berated this week for the recent GameDay cover. She hopes Saturday’s GameDay featuring the Grizzly Marching Band will cause fewer tempers to flare.

Hauck refused to be interviewed for this story when contacted by the Missoulian.

It’s the student’s choice whether to talk to the media, said UM executive vice president Jim Foley. The athletes’ decision not to talk to the student newspaper is their own, he said. The university cannot force them.

When asked repeatedly whether Hauck’s conduct toward the students in recent weeks has been appropriate, Foley replied the same each time: “As public officials, we have to treat people with civility and be respectful.”

As far as moving forward, neither UM administrators nor the students know exactly how best to proceed.

Foley says all sides need to come together to find an understanding and common ground.

“I think the only thing that will heal it is time,” O’Day said. “That’s what happens in a case like this. New people. New situations. A time to reflect on everything. And that might take a little while.”

The Kaimin is not going to apologize for its reporting, Jones said. No one has disputed the facts in the story. The students, however, say in an attempt to move on, they will continue attending news conferences and asking football-related questions of both Hauck and the athletes.

OU again… this is awkward

October 13, 2009
No caption needed here

No caption needed here

Its Halloween all year long in Athens... and on a college campus (if you can call OU college) you know what that means

Its Halloween all year long in Athens... and on a college campus (if you can call OU college) you know what that means