November 18, 2009

Win or lose, Miami’s season ends tonight. Said more bluntly, the misery that this season has been ends tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed Haywood’s arrival and Dysert’s breakout; but there is no getting around the fact that this season, as a whole, was aweful.

Somehow I don’t think I’m the only one with this opinion. Right now, 10 minutes before game time, there are exactly 18 fans in the stands across the field from me. Where are the other 15,000 students that go to this school? At home not caring about this game.

I like to raise the stakes before the game. It’s an old journalism trick to make readers actually read your story. You know, tell them why the game is important and not just a game. Well tonight we have two teams with a combined two wins in the MAC. It’s raining. Not even 20 students are here. Yup, that’s about all the context I can give you. I guess it would be nice to finish with two wins instead of one but in the end this game really just doesn’t matter.

So now that you are all fired up for some football, I give you…

DK Kountry Key Matchups:

Buffalo Players vs The 12th man: While typically the 12th man refers to the thousands of fans screaming from the bleachers, tonight this term is much more literal. I’m telling you right now, that 12th man I counted, he’s the difference maker. I can hear the announcers now… “and the fan (as in singular fan) goes wild!” Hey, considering only 18 students showed up, I’d say I have pretty good odds.

The way I see it, everything else seems to be pretty even and thus does not warrent comment.

Prediction: The winner of this game will be the team that doesn’t care the least. I’m going with Haywood on this one. Miami 27, Buffalo 24.



If not for the free dinner I doubt I woulda shown up tonight. City BBQ… mmmmm


Miami started with the ball and has already picked up two 3rd and forevers. They are now inside the Buffalo 40. Miami better start doing better on 1st and 2nd down or it could be a long night. Working so far tho.


Another 3rd and forever…


Almost picked off. Yeah that didn’t last long.


Miami did stop Buffalo in three downs, but the run defense almost blew it. Then Miami’s return team really almost blew it. We’re starting our second possession and we’ve already filled the quota for dodged bullets.


Dysert looks like he has total control of this offense. Very calm and collected. Very decisive with the ball. He has Miami on another drive into Buffalo territory.


Tons of running room for Dysert so far. Did they not get the game tape this week? How were they not prepared for this?


Picked in the endzone. Bullocks! Dysert really needs to cut that out.


So I brought my RA along for the ride tonight. His name is Matt Hey, which means whenever role call is being taken he gets addressed as “Hey, Matt.” How great is that? He has a huge paper due tomorrow but couldn’t pass up the free City BBQ either.


If you are a cheerleader and there aren’t any fans, are you really a cheerleader? Doesn’t that make you more of a plain old cheer-er?


DAN RAUDABAUGH!? He still plays for Miami? What? I guess coach is giving him a pitty series or two tonight since its his last (finally) game.


Hey, what’s this? Miami is actually driving with DR back in action. Maybe Buffalo is worse than I thought.


Sack and then DR runs out of bounds before the first down marker. That’s more like it.

Punt team comes on and earns automatic first down on roughing the kicker call. 1st and 10 from the Buffalo 34!


Dude, Miami is dodgin bullets like its the freaking Matrix. Rogers catches a slant route pass then fumbles the ball into open field. If the Buffalo player picks it up he probably scores. Instead, the ball trickles out of bounds. This is getting a little ridiculous.

Cook field goal is good… and the FAN goes wild! Miami 3, Buffalo 0.


So we’re sitting next to a few NFL scouts and Hey, Matt is getting bored with the game. For anyone who knows Hey, Matt, this is a dangerous combination. Naturally he has already drawn up his own free-agent profile to give to the scouts in attempt to get drafted in April. Here are a few excerpts…

  • Pros: I will never violate NFL policies; I am the next Wes Welker (the one you’ve been looking for)
  • Cons: I have never played football on a college, high school, middle school or elementary team.


Who needs James Starks when you are playing a run defense like Miami’s? Buffalo just ripped off a big run all the way down to the goal line then jogged it in on a sweep the next play… and silences the fan. Miami 3, Buffalo 7.


Wow that was pretty pathetic. Buffalo squib kicks to the 28. Miami’s special teamer caught it cleanly then just fell to the ground with no defenders within 10 yards of him. The odd part is I think he meant to do this. Dysert is back in btw.


I realize that “Broadway” is a common name used for a city’s busiest street. But since this is also the name of Miami’s punter, I feel like this route is being used a tad too often tonight.


If Happy Gilmore were announcing this game, he would probably say the Buffalo running backs are “riding the bull, feeling the flow.” U@B is back in Miami territory on all run plays.


31-yard rushing TD… the fan is disgusted. Miami 3, Buffalo 14.


Miami didn’t do much, if anything, with the ball. Now U@B has it on the RedHawk 30 with 35 seconds left. The fan will probably leave at half time.


Miami 3, U@B 21.


Well, it started out ok. But then Buffalo just stopped throwing the ball and that typically works pretty well against this Miami team. Haywood MUST recruit some run stoppers or it won’t be much prettier next season. This has been a problem all year and actually I think it got progressively worse. Overall Dysert look descent. He’s running too much because of bad protection and a a young/inexperienced WR corps that doesn’t get open often enough or quick enough. Hopefully Miami will recover from the injury bug and stay healthy on offense next season. O-Line is definitely another recruiting priority.

All the scouts left with the fan which means Hey, Matt never got a chance to give his pitch. It’s a shame too because I hear KC could use a WR.


Oh my, I look up and not only has the second half started but U@B has already scored. Two huge runs and a trick play that ended with a TE standing at the 1-yard line looking up into the lights waiting for the rainbow pass to fall into his open arms. I’m serious. He was just standing there. No RedHawk within 15 yards. Miami 3, U@B 28.


Touchdown Miami. Sorry I kinda signed off there for a bit. I really don’t know what happened on that drive at all. Hey, Matt and I have been too busy looking up pickup lines on Mathew Berry’s fantasy football column. Yes, you read that correctly and no, there are no typos. I was looking for pickup lines in a fantasy football column. Now you no why my current facebook status is over four years old. Miami 10, U@B 28.


So I realize you all (yes, I am working under the assumption that people are actually reading this) are now dying to know what insight we gleaned from our search. Here’s our best stuff so far…

  • Say baby, can I have your picture? I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas.
  • Was there a rainbow nearby, baby? Because you’re the treasure I’ve been searching for.
  • I’m not drunk, baby. I’m just intoxicated by you.

Don’t worry, although we considered testing these on the stat girl who comes by after after ever scoring drive, we decided this was not a good idea. Also, stay tuned because there are more to come.


After a rare defensive stop, Miami ripped off a nice punt return and tacked on 15 more yards from a late hit out of bounds. This thing ain’t over just yet.


ZD with a nice run through traffic to set up 1st and goal. Say Baby, is there an airport nearby? Or is that just my heart taking off?


Wow, terrible series leads to multiple sacks and a missed chip-shot field goal.


So Miami has the ball back. That’s weird because that requires stopping Buffalo on two consecutive possessions.


RedHawks are driving again. That missed field goal after 1st and goal was a killer. This game would be getting good right about now with a score back there. Wow, there’s a nice grab by Woods on a wet football thrown hard and was already past him. “Say Baby, are you a parking meter? Because you’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you.”


Check that. A Miami ball carrier just fumbled one yard short of his first career TD. That pretty much sums up the entire season. Expectation for great things followed up by huge mistakes from a young and developing team.


If Tom Petty was calling this game would probably be saying Buffalo is “running down a dream.” Oh wait, never mind. They just scored on a deep PASS play. And the beat goes on. Miami 10, U@B 35.


Stat girl (still don’t know her name or number) is now due for another visit. Here are my remaining options…

  • “Say baby, can I borrow a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.”
  • “Hey baby, do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
  • “Say baby, if you were fast food, you’d be a McGorgeous.”


DR is back in. Good call Haywood. I’m not gonna say he deserves it but its the right thing to do. Even so, I refuse to give him a pick up line.


36-yard touchdown PASS! Good for Dan. I will say I’m happy for him. Getting benched for a freshman has gotta be rough so this is a nice way to go out. Still no pick up line tho.


Just realized I forgot to post the score. Well I’m not going to because that is completely irrelevant at this point.


Another U@B rushing TD from outside the redzone. Yup. Miami is pretty good at defense. Not. The score is now even more irrelevant and un-postable.


DR still in the game… this drive started well but ends on 4th down after a terrible throw way over the WRs head. I won’t say it, but you are all thinking it…


Ok U@B is in victory formation. That’s all for me. G’night yall!


Holy Toledo Live!

October 31, 2009


During the 1830s, war broke loose between Michigan and Ohio. Each state claimed ownership over a precious piece of land on their border. After 15 years of simmering, a 19-year old Michigan governor grew restless and sent militia south to settle the dispute once and for all.

What was this promised land that both states so dearly valued? Toledo. Clearly people back in the 1830s weren’t so bright. Want proof? Not only were they fighting over (eh hem) Toledo, but they never actually fought because each army got lost in the swamps and thus failed to find each other.

Eventually Michigan came to its senses and succeeded the land. In exchange, congress awarded the state possession of the Upper Peninsula. Copper and iron deposits have since been discovered in this region along with the plentiful source of timber. Ohio, on the other hand, remains stuck with… Toledo (just a stone’s throw away from Bowling Green, the STD capital of Midwest America). I’ll let you decide for yourself who won the war.

As for today’s football game, expect plenty of fireworks, and by that I mean exploding rockets. With exception of a 0-38 loss to Ohio State, Toledo has scored at least 20 points in every game and at least 30 points in four of its games. This includes a 54-38 bombing of Colorado, a game Miami gave up in exchange for its Tumble at the River.

For Miami to stay competitive today, the RedHawks will need Zac Dysert to run a highly efficient and productive offense. This actually seems reasonable, and even though its Halloween I don’t mean that as a joke. While the Rockets score plenty of points, they give up plenty of points as well. Dysert did not throw a pick on Homecoming, a sign that he is making strides in the turnover department. As long as the players carrying the ball for Miami can at least dress up and pretend to be real running backs I think the RedHawk offense can hang with Toledo.

DK Kountry Key Matchups:

  • Toledo vs Halloween ticks: On paper, the Rockets should easily blast off to their fifth win of the season, but today is October 31st and crazy things are known to happen on Halloween. Oxford is known for its stray cat population, and who knows, maybe a black one will make its way down to Yager for the game. I think this contest will have its fair share of quirks which could end up deciding the victor.
  • Toledo vs Haywood tricks: Haywood has shown thus far that he is not afraid to call a trick play or two… or three or four. Watch out for the fake punt, onside kick and some crazy combination of reverses today, especially if the RedHawks get down. This should make for some great eye candy.
  • RedHawk ring and run vs Rocket powered D: Miami finished with -11 net rushing yards last week. That is a fantastic way to lose games. Dysert has the talent to keep this thing close through the passing attack, but he just hafta has help from his ball carriers.

Prediction: I foresee lots of tricks and lots of treats. The first team to 30 wins. Miami shows improvement each week but they also seem to find new creative ways to lose each week as well. At first they couldn’t play past the first quarter. Then they couldn’t stop turning the ball over. Now they can’t even finish a game with positive rushing yards. This season has been flat out spooky. Somehow, on Halloween of all days, I don’t expect that to change. Rest assured, the RedHawks will find a frightening way to not win. RedHawks 21, Holy Toledo 34.



There are roughly 120 people on the student section side of Yager right now. I counted. That’s how few people there are. I looked across the stadium and in no way felt overwhelmed by the idea of counting fans. Awesome.


Miami gets the ball first. Dysert misses two open receivers down field but two dump off passes to Merriweather each go for first downs. Can Miami just not attempt a run play ever again and use screen passes as its ground game instead? Can’t be worse than the actual run game, right?


Miami’s first drive ended with out a single rushing attempt (by a running back) in nine plays. I think Haywood and I are on the same page. This is great news. Inside Toledo territory I really expected a fake punt but some guy named Broadway was making his first career punt attempt so I guess you gotta give him he dignity of actually kicking it. On the return, two Rockets each tried to catch the ball and ran into each other. Miami did not recover the fumble.


HOLY TOLEDO! A penalty pushes Toledo back to its own nine yard line. Two play later… PICK 6!!! TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!!! Extra point is goooooood! Miami 7, Rockets 0.


Toledo’s drive began with a big run helped by poor (as in, lack of) Miami tackling. After that the D locked down to force a punt. Miami’s drive starts on its own 12.


On its 11th play from scrimmage, Miami finally runs a running play. Five yard pick up aint bad, especially coming off a big pick up from a pass interference penalty.


Dysert fumbles to give Toledo the ball inside the 40. Regardless of the fumble I must say Dysert has not looked as sharp as usual today. Very inconsistent in terms of accuracy. This could be a huge problem if Toledo starts scoring with any regularity (which it definitely can).


One of the Toledo coaches keeps holding up a HUGE sign. The back side (the side facing me) is all white and I really want to know what it says on the other side. In other news, Toledo just picked up a fourth and one inside the 15. They got there on a big pick up from a sweep play to the right. This was the second of two big gains for them today, both pretty much on the same play.


Looks like Haywood isn’t the only coach in Yager willing to be risky. Toledo just went for it on fourth and one from the four yard line to pick up their second fourth down conversion of the drive. Two plays later they pick up the TD. RedHawks 7, Toledo 7.


The first quarter end all tied up. Miami has the ball second and two from the Toledo 46. Dysert just ran a really nice fake hand off quarterback sneak play. He still is off on his deep throws but is hitting the short slants pretty well.


Miami isn’t running the ball much, but when they do it seems to actually work. Not only does the rush attack look quzi competent but it seems to be functioning in a very healthy manner. And whatdayaknow, the pass game opens up for a few nice gains down field. Its almost like that’s how its supposed to work.


TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!!! In a very Roethlisberger-esq move, Dysert steps up in the pocket to avoid what looked to be a sure sack and then nailed a receiver in the back of the endzone for the score. Side note, this is the first time all season Miami has led in the second quarter. Now THAT’s scary. RedHawks 14, Rockets 7.


So while Miami seems to have at least temporarily solved its problem of rushing the ball, the inability to stop the other team’s rushing attack is still quite prevalent. Toledo just ripped off a looooong run play all the way down to the Miami 20.


Miami D holds with the help of a punishing sack by Jerrell Wedge, who just flew into the backfield on third down and drilled the Toledo QB. Ouch.


Dysert is really clicking this drive with the short slant routes. Miami ball on the Toledo 27… first down!


Make that the Toledo 3… now five completions in a row.


TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!!! Dysert hit Robinson on yet another slant for what woulda been his 6th consecutive completion in a row this drive (and 8th counting passes before the drive) but Robinson got hit and dropped the pass. Dysert ran it in himself on the next play. What really caught my eye was the way Dysesert danced into the endzone and then did a double fist pump while looking up to the sky. So nice to see some emotion and enthusiasm from this RedHawk team. Miami 21, Toledo 7.


So I completely over estimated the power of the rocket offense. That or Miami is playing ridiculous defense. Maybe both. Either way Toledo only has seven points with just over five minutes left in the first half. And Miami has the ball inside their territory… again.


Dysert’s pass got tipped straight up in the air. A rocket lineman went up for the pick only to have Zac come over, leap up and swat it away. RE-JECTED!


An absolute bomb of a pass took Toledo from their own 15 to Miami’s 40. If the receiver is hit in stride its an easy TD but instead he had to make a really nice diving catch. The rocket offense only went backwards from there tho and now Miami has the ball on its own 3 after a great punt.


A long run by Merriweather, a questionable call by the refs and another big pass by Dysert has Miami inside the Toldeo 35. 50 seconds left in the half. Could the RedHawks really take a three score lead into halftime?


WOW! Trevor Cook just blasted a 55 yard field goal. Un freaking believable. This crap could only happen on Halloween. The kick set Miami’s all time record for longest field goal by a Miami kicker. RedHawks 24, Toledo 7.


Forget about the score. Miami looks like a real football team. Now that is both a trick and a treat! Obviously there is still a whole half of football to play but the Hawks really do look like they have it all figured out on offense and mostly figured out on defense. Toledo has been able to get off a concerning amount of deep passes and long runs. So far the MU D has always limited it to just that and shut down the drive right away. Even so, the big play ability scares me and could prove instrumental in a comeback effort. On offense, Miami has somehow managed to establish a legitimate (and at times, even dangerous) ground attack and it is doing wonders for Dysert. Since the first quarter he’s look much better down field but the quick hits are whats really working. The Rockets better find away to get pressure on ZD and stop the run or it won’t matter how many points they score in the second half.


Some first half stats for ya. Dysert went 21-37 and threw for 215 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT. Merriweather ran for 29 yards on only four carries. Dysert ran for 28 yards on five carries.


touchdown toledo. Wow, that didn’t take long. The drive was largely aided by a questionable late hit out of bounds call, but the fact still remains that the Rocket powered offense just shredded the Miami D. This is what I expected from the beginning but not even close to what we saw in the first half. Let’s hope it was just a one-time trick. RedHawks 24, Toledo 14.


Oh wow. Dysert looked to have miss cued once again on a deep ball down field but a ridiculous one-handed diving catch completed the pass. We’re talking sportscenter top 10 worthy here. Side note, Merriweather still looks strong running the ball.


So Miami’s drive (i.e. one big play) stalled and Cooked barely missed his field goal attempt. Toledo is now busy ripping off more big runs. No, I’m not nervous, are you?


Add big pass plays to the list of things Toledo is busy ripping off. I knew Miami couldn’t keep letting the Rockets do this. Eventually they will start finishing drives. They are now inside the 10.


Well, the MU D held em to 3. RedHawks 24, Rockets 17.


TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!!! With no one to throw to, Dysert opted for a 25 yard TD run. Looks like they made it to 30 first so lets hope that ensures the win like I said it would. RedHawks 31, Rockets 17.


And the shootout is on! Toledo is driving down field with concerning ease once again. I don’t think either defense plans on playing this half, at least not until their opponents get into the red zone.


A potential Toledo TD run is under review, while we wait, I will amuse myself by watching Swoop and Rocket chase each other behind the Toledo bench… so great!


After review, mascots chasing each other are awesome… oh and the TD stands. Maybe its actually first to 40 wins. I don’t see this stopping anytime soon. RedHawks 31, Rockets 24.


Uh oh. Those of you who read this blog regularly know I have a knack for jinxing Miami. Well, their drive just stalled, right on cue. MU needs a stop.


Toledo is punting. I wish I could say its because Miami played great D but the truth is that the Rockets stopped themselves. A receiver ran the wrong route on second down and another pass was dropped on third down. Both woulda been firsts. Miami gets the ball on their 10.


ZD just does not like to throw the ball away. He holds on to it as long as he possibly can. Often it results in a sac but he pulled off a nice pass for a first down here. Still, its definitely an area he could use some maturing in.


Miami punts but at least showed signs of life this time before doing so. The special teams unit downed the ball on the one yard line, but not before falling down in the process. Oh, Swoop and Rocket are back at the whole chasing thing, and this time they even pretended to fight. Swoop tackled Rocket, sat on him and the began ‘punching’ him in the face over and over. This needs to happen more often. A lot more often!


Toledo was 0-8 on third down coming into this drive but now has converted their last two. Very frustrating considering the drive started on the one. If Toledo doesn’t score on this drive time will become a very important factor in the rest of the game. Only 4:45 left right now.


Toledo now 3-11 on third down and at the Miami 33. This is getting scary.


1st and 10 from the 13 with 1:22 left… I can’t watch I’m so spooked. I’m definitely sleeping with the lights on tonight.


touchdown toledo. under review. this sucks.


AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Toledo ball carrier fumbled the ball into the endzone right before he crossed. By rule, this is a touch back and MIAMI BALL!!! How’s that for a trick and a treat! Toldya crazy things happen on Halloween!



Battle of the Bricks Live!

October 16, 2009


Hide your women and children. Miami’s siege of Athens commences at 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon. For the faint at heart (and those who generally care about their personal hygiene) its best if you stay clear of Ohio University this weekend. Don’t worry though, I will be traveling into enemy territory to relay the carnage live right here on this blog.

Speaking of enemy territory, is this schedule for real? Who signed off on this? Six road games out of seven to start the season. Flat out ridiculous. If there is any consolation from this mess its that Miami gets to finish with four of five home games late in the season when the team might actually be capable of winning. It’s taking much longer than anyone ever hoped for or expected but I think slowly yet surely this football team is starting to figure itself out and buy into Haywood’s system. The youngsters are getting better. Sure there is still a ton of rust to dust off and kinks to untangle, but I legitimately think they can be playing winning football by the time those final two Thursday night home TV games roll around.

As for the Bobcats, however, let me be the bearer of bad news. They are playing winning football right now. OU’s only two losses are a 11-point loss at Tennessee and a seven-point loss to UConn. And for anyone hoping Miami kills the turnover bug once and for all this weekend, you should know that the Bobcats forced five last week against Akron.

The last line for the game I saw gave Miami 14 points. Lets hope its that close.

DK Kountry keys match ups:

Miami vs Rivalry?: When the RedHawks take on UC, there is no questioning the hate. The freaking urinals even say beat UC. A huge bell is a stake. How much more motivation could there possibly be? When the OU game rolls around, however, I always notice a distinct lack of said hate. Sure Follets and DuBois make those cute t-shirts with the little boy embracing the Miami girl and ignoring the one from OU. But other than that, does anyone really care? It sure didn’t help playing OU over Thanksgiving break the last few years (yet another scheduling blunder by the wonderful people who do such things). This so called rivalry just seems to have much more umph on the hardcourt than on the gridiron. I can say with certainty that most of the students on campus don’t care about this weekend’s game (I’m not sure they even know who we are playing); their extra day off for fall break is obviously more important ::roll eyes:: It remains to be seen if the Miami players (and coaches… especially those new to Oxford) hold the same attitude or not.

Zac Dysert vs Being a freshman: My man ZD has looked great in his first three starts under center for the RedHawks. Unfortunately, my boy has also look very much like the freshman he is as well. If Miami wants to win, he MUST stop turning the ball over and making such huge mental mistakes. He is loaded with athletic talent and one day will be a dynomite signal caller. Lets just hope that day comes sooner than later.

Miami vs Athens: In Greece, Athens was a center for knowledge and power. In Ohio, Athens is… well… not. That’s just about all I can say here without getting sued for libel or other such things journalists get in trouble for. I know libel only counts if it’s false, but my momma always told me if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. So… I really hope the Miami football team stays healthy and clean this weekend and doesn’t contract any dirty diseases. There, that’s nice, right?

Prediction: Between the Rams and RedHawks this season I have become one of the most depressed, cynical and pessimistic football fans in the history of the sport. I tried to stay positive at the beginning of the year, I really did. Just check all my early game predictions when I thought the RedHawks would score and what not. But yeah, losing takes its toll on even the strongest of fans, me included. I think OU wins everything Saturday, from the coin toss to the game to the spread. Hopefully my prediction success (or lack there of) will continue. Don’t count on it. RedHawks 10, Kittycats 27.



Every die hard Miami fan seems to have a story about why they hate OU. After four full years in Oxford this was something I still lacked. I mean, sure I hated the Bobcats. They were OU and hate them is what Miami fans do. But I never really had a reason why. Well, now I do.

My drive to Athens started at 9:30 this morning. I was a nice, sunshiny day – cool and crisp but not cold. It didn’t take long, however, for me to run into trouble. Just past the intersection with OH-127, route 73 was closed. No detour signs anywhere, just closed. For out of towners like me who are not from the area, don’t carry a map of Ohio on hand and don’t own a GPS or magic phone, this poses quite the predicament.

I broke man law and stopped at a gas station for directions. The man was friendly and already had a map drawn to reroute me around the construction. It seemed simple enough. Too simple actually. So I made it harder and added a few wrong turns of my own.

Eventually I found my way. As I drove I noticed the sky growing increasingly darker, becoming more and more ominous as I approached the home of Miami’s arch nemesis. Twice more my hand written directions failed me. Only by a sequence of legitimate miracles did I stumble my way into Athens. At the stadium, no one seemed to know how to get to the press box. After a not-so-brief self-guided tour of Peden Stadium, I treated myself to an overdue, sub-par lunch.

This trip convinced me of three things: There is a God, I need either a magic phone or GPS for Christmas and I hate OU.

Now, lets play some football!


Miami lost the toss. Yup, I told you so. Ohio defers to give MU the ball. Dysert opens with a nice pass to Robinson then converts a third down three plays later. Its only two plays but he has a ton of time to throw. I’ve never seen him complete passes just standing in the pocket like that.


TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!!! That looked way too easy. Dysert isn’t even being breathed on by OU defenders much less touched. As a result he completed several passes down field from inside the pocket, including a strike to Robinson (from now on referred to as AR) on the one. Haywood tried the super power I formation (three RBs) again and got stuffed. Wow our run game sucks. Then he got smart and called a bootleg run with our most athletic (and beloved) player… Dysert. Mmmm, tasty.


OU just called a nice trick play. Some sort of fake but not fake reverse in the back field involving multiple players. Miami totally had it covered but the defender got juked out of his shoes which led to a huge gain for the Bobcats.


Nice man-to-man coverage by Jeff Thompson in the endzone. Saved a touchdown with no help anywhere to be found. Great route, great throw, great defense. We need more of that.


Ugh our run game looks awful. I think it is actually getting worse each week. I’ll take another round of Dysert please.


HAHAHAHA they just referred to Eugene as “Eugene Harris the third” over the PA. That made me smile inside (and smirk on the inside). Can we make this the official way of referring to him at all times from now on? If no one else does, I will.

Haywood just went for it on 4th and 1 from our own 40. I am actually getting used to this now. At least it doesn’t surprise me anymore. Thankfully he called a QB sneak and not a run. That’s another Miami… FIRST DOWN!

Woops, Dysert just launched the ball deep down field for a pick which served as a pretty good punt actually. I guess its a wash.


A few thoughts about the turnover. Yes, its another turnover. Yes these need to stop. But… for once this did not happen at a killer moment in the game. For once it did not give the ball to the other team in our territory. Mostly harmless all around. Bad decision, yes. Worst decision, no.


Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. OU just ripped off two HUGE runs in a row. They are now at the MU 5 yard line.


Ok I really have no idea what just happened. I’ll do my best here. Miami had the OU QB in the backfield. He basically was just grabbing on to his arms and pushing him backwards. Looked like a huge and important sack. Maybe he thought it was stopped forward progress maybe he just let him go, but for whatever reason the QB got away. He then rolled out to the left and threw an incomplete pass. Somewhere in all of this there was a roughing the QB penalty on Miami for an OU first down inside the 5. If any of that is factually incorrect I apologize.


touchdown ou. All tied up now. That entire drive makes me incredibly frustrated.

ps They have a cannon that shoots off after OU scores. I’ll admit that this is pretty cool… but not cool enough for me to want more OU scores.


Rain is starting to pick up. So is the defense from both teams. That’s all there really is to say right now.


I really need to stop saying anything positive about Miami… ever. Whenever I do the opposite immediately happens. You know, like a big third down conversion from OU right as I am complimenting the D.

OU’s back is averaging 17.2 yards per carry by the way.


OH NO! Ohio is punting but Eugene Harris III is not back to catch it. Some Miami player with a way less cool name is instead. Very disappointing.


Miami just gained yards on the ground and it wasn’t Dysert. Yes, that… just… happened!


Yikes, OU just got pressure on Dysert for the first time. Instead of taking off like he always does, however, he stood in to take the hit after his throw. Considering the result, it remains to be seen if that ever happens again.


touchdown ou. Another huge ground gain followed by a very nice pass and catch. After the score, the OU receiver proceeded to run all around his sideline, took a stop by the students to flex his muscles, then continued to run around. The funny part was that all his teammates were constantly running behind him hoping to help celebrate. Oblivious, he just ignored them and continued to prance. How prideful do you have to be to pull something like that?

Side note: if the respective running games continue as they have so far, Miami will end up getting crushed in this game.


Hehe (nervous laugh because I know I’m right). Dysert seems to think the same thing I do about the Miami ground game. He keeps taking more risks down field knowing that this game rests on his shoulders to produce. OU just dropped its second shoulda-been pick. This came right after a five yard loss on a run. Just sayin.


Whew. So Miami looked good on defense but knowing my record I wanted to wait until they got the ball back before saying anything. They force the three and out so I begin to type. What do ya know, its a roughing the kicker penalty. Of course. Luckily it was only a 5-yarder and not the 15-yard, automatic first down type. So Miami did play good defense and they did get the ball back, despite my jinxing efforts.


Here comes the rain… both literally and figuratively. Just as it starts to pour, Miami goes for another 4th and 1 near midfield. Zac gets caught in the back field, and, just like last week, refuses to throw the ball away. It looks like a massive sack. Then he somehow escapes and finds his RB for a dump off. It goes for a loss of 5 but coulda been a loss of 15. Either way Miami turns the ball over on downs and OU follows with a 13 yard pass.

Interesting side note. The guys behind me (somehow OU affiliated) were convinced there was no way Miami was actually going for it there, even after watching them do the same earlier in the game in a worse scenario and even watching the offense come out on the field. I informed them that Haywood is crazy and that they are actually going for it. They said “I guess when you’re 0-6 you go crazy.”

What they don’t know is that Haywood was crazy at 0-0. I still love the call but will love it less and less if we can’t run it. Usually those are simple pick ups on the ground, not crazy adventures for the QB everytime.


touchdown ou. That seems about right. How come I can acurately predict bad things happening to Miami but jinx them when I predict good stuff? Don’t tell me its cuz Miami always plays bad. That’s too easy of an explanation and I really don’t want to hear or admit that. Halftime score: Miami 7, OU 21.


Minus the coin toss, this game started great for the RedHawks. They just played increasingly worse and the game progressed. There really isn’t much to add to my in-game commentary above. Basically Miami needs to run the ball better and stop the run better. I know that is like uber basic football strategy but that’s the story here. All of OUs big pass plays have come as a result of Miami bringing more guys up to the box for run support. Funny how that works. Its almost like I learned that from pee-wee football (which I didn’t play) or from listening to a John Madden broadcast (no wait, that’s too complicated of a concept for him… lets just stick with the made up pee-wee coaching anecdote).

In other news, OSU sucks. When it was 26-7 I tweeted “HAHA OSU. The last few years they couldn’t win the big game against the SEC. Now they can’t even beat a less than mediocre Big 10 team.” Then OSU made it 26-18 and I remembered I’m not allowed to say stuff like that before it happens. Luckily Purdue held true to its name and finished the upset. I got worried that they would blow it and have to be renamed Pur-don’t.


OU’s opening drive looks quite similar to the other three it scored on. A big ground game, followed by Miami brining more guys up, followed by a big pass play. This could get out of hand quickly.

Spoke too soon once again. I am freakishly good at that. Miami holds, but mostly on luck. On third and long, the OU QB make a nice move in the back field to escape a Miami defender. He had tons of room to run but chose to pass instead. Almost threw a pick. They then tried a fake field goal. Miami mostly had it covered but OU dropped a very good pass that would have put them inside the 10. Instead, Miami ball at the 28.

(The internet is on the fritz here… please excuse the delayed updates of the already delayed updates)


Some halftime stats. This is fact, not opinion by the way. OU RB Donte Harden gained 100 yards on 8 carries for a TD and a 12.4 avg. Two other OU ball carriers each had one rush, one for 19 and the other for 25. Miami RBs Merriweather and Green combined for 18 yards on 12 carries for no touchdowns and a just under 1.5 avg. Just sayin.

PS If Haywood tells me college stats are skewed because they count sacks as rushing yards (what he said last time I brought up the ground game futility) I might actually speak up this time.


Ok let me try to get you up to speed as I battle this terrible internet connection.

Miami muffed OUs punt. I think Eugene Harris III is injured because I haven’t seen him since the first drive of the game. This looked like a knockout punch for the Hawks as it gave OU the ball deep in MU territory. Jerrell Wedge came to the rescue and picked off a pass. This freshman has looked super good all year. Miami did nothing with the turnover. They actually lost yards on the drive. Then OU blocked the punt to take over on the 8 yard line. Knock out punch – take two.


HUGE defensive stand for Miami. Then OU fumbles the snap on a FG try to give the ball back without scoring at all. Big bullet dodged… for now.


Miami’s lack of a running game continues to haunt the Hawks. Backed up against their own endzone they fail to get anything going once again. Then again, a punt past midfield isn’t that bad of wash from the mess they were in.


I was told at halftime that OSU serves McFlurries in its press box. Can we please make this an industry standard.


Knockout punch – take three. OU finds a WIDE OPEN receiver deep down field on the sideline. He manages to step on the sideline before scoring but still takes it to the 3ish.


Ding, ding… there’s the bell. OU scores on a one yard TD run up the middle. This game is so over now. Time to look up a new way to get back to Oxford on mapquest for the ride home. Miami 7, Ohio 28.


Miami’s offense looks lost. They need Jesus.


OU backup QB = defensive stop for MU


Another not-so-fake 4th down attempt called by Haywood. Dysert gets all day to throw but still finds a green jersey on an overthrown ball. Its another throwing punt for Miami. I still agree with the call and still hate the execution.


Sorry I kinda just stopped posting there at the end. I started caring a lot more about my drive home than the football game. Actually, that’s a pretty good summary of how the game went for the last few drives. Relatively uneventful. Now its official. Miami 7, Ohio 28. Self-administered pat on the back for my pre-game prediction (see above… its my first good one all season!). Thanks for tuning in. Pray for my ride back.

Battle for the Victory Bell Live!

October 3, 2009


Today’s game is supposed to a white out for Miami fans. Something tells me that with all the UC fans coming plus the fact that what few MU students do show up will probably be clueless about the white out, the empty white benches might be as white as it gets in the Yager stands this afternoon.

I can’t decide if UC will be ringing the Victory Bell all game long or if they will just leave it in Cincinnati. On one hand, after over 100 years the Bearcats have finally established the upper hand in this rivalry and so they will probably be pretty excited to rub it in all of our preppy faces. On the other hand, why bother? I wouldn’t want to lug that thing all they way up here knowing full well it will be going right back.

If Miami is actually going to win this game, they better get ahead early. Family weekend will only further Miami football fan tradition of leaving in masses at half time. I can imagine the RedHawks winning with only a handful of fans left to a) see it, b) rush the field and c) take down the goal posts. This would actually be quite a comical sight: all 3 remaining Miami students trying in vain to dislodge the uprights. If Miami pulls off a top 10 upset and no one is there to see it, did it actually happen?

I am very curious to see how UC coach Brian Kelly approaches this game. My initial thought was that since he hates playing in Oxford he will try to run up the score to prove just how worthless this game is for his team. Then again, because they play in the Big Easy (cough) I mean the Big East, the Bearcats do have a legitimate shot at running the table, finishing undefeated and playing for a national championship; he’d hate to lose a starter while trying to run up the score against UC’s younger step child. Then again, I’m sure all the backups could run it up just as easy.

DK Kountry Keys to the Game:

Zac Dysert vs UC defense: The redshirt freshman had quite the coming out party at Kent State last week. Let’s keep in mind who he was playing: Kent State. UC not is much better, but runs a completely different defensive scheme. Since they only rush three linemen and drop eight into coverage, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if Dysert struggles. Fewer guys on pass rush means less QB pressure and therefore less opportunity for Dysert to scramble. Add that to an extra DB in coverage and you have a recipe for disaster. UC also got the luxury of seeing a full game of Dysert on tape this week, which means they know what they’re getting into. If Haywood doesn’t draw up many designed QB sneaks, it could be a long day for this youngster.

Miami turnover bug vs UC defense: I will keep putting this in my keys to the game until Miami stops giving the ball away. Ten turnovers in two games!? Fourteen in three games!? This needs to stop. If Miami loses by 50 but doesn’t turn the ball over once I’m calling it a win.

Brian Kelley Ego vs Brian Kelley Logic: Embarrass Miami or protect your play makers. You make the call. Well, actually, Brain Kelley, you make the call. Like I said earlier though, my hunch is that he gets to do both.

Prediction: The essence of this game is very simple. How much does Brian Kelley want to win by? I say they get out to a ridiculous first half lead, pull the starters sometime in the second half and then the back ups continue scoring but at a slightly slower rate. BK may protect his players with digression on playing time, but I doubt his play calling ever changes. That being said, I think Miami’s offense will be able to score with Dysert under center. If DR was playing I’d be calling a shutout right now. With ZD this day won’t be a complete embarrassment. Miami 10, sUCk 63.



Good tackling by Miami on the first two plays. Not so much on the third. Coverage looks soft as well. UC is running the hurry up already.


4th and 7, UC looks like they are going for it but then Pike lightly punts it from the back field. For a second there I was freaking out. First the no huddle and then going for it on 4th and not short!? Talk about running up the score. No worries tho. Miami pulled out the defensive stop.


Dysert getting good protection so far. Probably a result of UCs defensive scheme more than anything else. Either way tho, Miami WRs are still getting open and ZD is finding them.


Nothing like a couple of back to back bubble screens to kill a Miami drive.


Surprisingly good turnout from the fans. Not a white out by any stretch of the imagination, but fans are fans, regardless what they are or are not wearing.


UC just did a perfect job of picking up a very well timed blitz by Miami. This no huddle offense is really hard to watch while typing at the same time by the way.


In general, Pike isn’t having much trouble completing passes. WRs are open and he is hitting them. Miami is tackling well, preventing any huge plays so far. Coverage will have to tighten up if they want to consistently stop drives tho. Instead of flying down the field they are just marching instead.


Touchdown UC. That seemed way to easy. Like I said, tackling is great but not if you let them catch the ball every time first. Missed extra point (that has happened a lot this season). Miami 0, sUCk 6.


Dysert just got his first significant gain on a scramble. It didn’t go for a first down and I think he gave up on the play a touch to early. He had better protection than he thought. Let’s hope the protection continues but the other stuff doesnt.


A six yard punt. Really?


So Miami hasn’t officially turned the ball over yet but punting the ball six yards to give UC the ball in MU territory probably should be recorded as a turnover. MU defense holds though. UC punts for real this time. They needed a timeout to decide that. Oh wait, penalty on Miami makes it 4th and short so UC is going for it again. Terrible coverage on a long slant route and UC scores. Wow that just went from really good to really bad really fast. Miami 0, sUCk 13.


Ok, this is officially a great turnout by Miami fans. I know its traditional for everyone to show up late like this but I honestly don’t think its completely their fault this time. They are checking bags pretty thoroughly at the gate which really slowed down just about everything. All of the stands are full now tho. I am quite pleased.

Side note on the white out: Not only does the Miami athletic department need to do a much better job of advertising stuff like this (I’d call it a half white out today), they need to pick a different color. Maybe red, since thats what color our team wears. Why do a white out when they other team always wears white?


Another unofficial turnover by Miami. After ZD misses a wide open WR (granted he was on the far sideline so it was a really tough pass… even so, WIDE open), Miami calls a fake punt run which fails. Haywood really likes that play. I do to just not on our own 30. It gives the ball to UC with an uber short field and they quickly cash in. I’m feeling really good about the Bearcats covering the spread for me today (don’t worry, its cent sports and perfectly legal). Miami 0, sUCk 20.


Ok so I know Miami fans aren’t exactly known for their creativity when it comes to cheers (outside of hockey of course… and even then not so much), but I think the Cincinnati cheer trumps all in terms of lameness. Oooo, Oooo, Oooo, UC! Really? That’s all they could come up with? I mean maybe I’d let it go if that was one of their cheers, but its seriously the only thing they say all game.


Wow, that was the first open field tackle I’ve see of ZD… ever. He rolled out left and only one UC defender was there to contain. ZD tried his cut, stiff-arm move but the UC defender just tackled right through it. Very impressive.


Huge third down conversion by Miami. ZD steps up in the pocket and rips one down field to a streaking (running really fast… he had his clothes on) WR. Aaaaand a penalty erases it. Of course. So typical. Now third and even longer. ZD forced out of the pocket and takes off as usual. Late hit out of bounds. First down for Miami anyway. sUCk it karma!


Dysert is starting to click. He keeps doing this great move where he fakes taking off with the ball then firing it down field right before crossing the line of scrimmage. Its working beautifully. Now he runs for real to take Miami to the two yard line on a 12 yard gain. 1st and goal!


Hahahaha… UC cheerleaders are trying to get the fans to do a new cheer by holding up Let… GO… Cats signs. The UC fans look clueless. They have no idea what to do.


TOUCHDOWN HAWKS!!! It looked like UC who put up a stop. Miami just ran it up the middle two plays in a row and Merriweather was stopped on both, but a nice second effort punched it in. I knew Miami would score in this game. For the first time this season my pregame prediction is looking pretty good. Miami 7, sUCk 20.


Soooo… about that good MU tackling I was talking about earlier…. yeah not happening anymore.


…Ironically the coverage is tighter now. Lets try to do both at the same time and see how that works.


They just played a Happy Gilmore clip on the screen right before UCs third down try. I have no idea what that was all about but whatever it was it worked. UC kicks a field goal on a drive that started out quite porously for the Miami D. I’ll take it. Miami 7, sUCk 23.

Oh wait crap, that throws off my prediction. Dang it.


More porous tackling from Miami on the punt coverage.


UC runs a very predictable draw play on 3rd and 1. Somehow Miami was not ready for that. Huge gain for the Bearcats who can now score before the half ends.


Interception! That’s weird. Miami is winning the turnover battle at halftime. And UC only had 23 points. What?


UC looks dominant as expected but not as dominant as expected. The Bearcats keep their streak of scoring 21 points in the first half of every game but just barely. I seriously thought it would be 35-0 nothing right now. The MU defense looks incredibly inconsistent. Overall they are genuinely slowing down this UC hurry up spread attack. Dysert is not running around nearly as much as he did last weekend. I told you so. Better players + better defensive scheme + tape study = containment, just like I wrote in pre game (gold star for me!). However, ZD is passing much better than I thought he would with that extra DB back there. He is particularly impressing me with his ability to throw on the run. If Miami can continue to hold on to the ball, get open down field and play more consistent on D, they will keep this game respectable. If they do all that, create a turnover or two and ZD can bust lose on the ground… things might get interesting.


So after last week and this game, I am becoming increasingly convinced that Dysert gains super powers on third down. All his big plays come when Miami needs it most. To start the second half, he connects with Robinson for a big gain to mid field… on third down.


…That being said, ZD has looked very tackle-able in the backfield today. His scramble-ability has been more or less a non factor. I’d like to think its because of the defensive scheme like I said earlier but the more I watch the more I’m realizing that UC can just tackle really well.


I’m sorry but Pike does not look like a Heisman QB. A little eaves dropping has informed me that the four NFL scouts next to me agree.


EUGENE HARRIS! Finally, a big play on special teams. Been waiting for that all season. Harris takes the ball to mid field mostly on athletic ability and not because of good blocking. Man he is fun to watch. The next play, Dysert makes sure to let me know that he is reading my blog and takes offense to my comments about his running today. First down Miami into UC territory.


Bratton looks like a much better WR out of the backfield than a RB.


I love being right. A nice swing pass to Bratton after a poor holding penalty pushed Miami back gives MU another… first down!


ZAC! DYSERT! So much for being contained by UC. He cut out of not one but two sure fire tackles in the back field and then bootlegs out like he is going to run. Instead he pulls up and hits Bratton wide open in the endzone. I’m telling you ZD is the freaking man. I hope those four NFL scouts saw that and took note. After just one game Dysert has learned how to harness his raw athletic ability with maturity. Instead of just running and trouble’s first sign he is now staying patient and looking down field for a pass.

Miami converts a 2 point play but it is negated by another penalty (a unnerving trend today). Cook misses the long PAT. Miami 13, sUCk 23.


ONSIDE KICK! MIAMI RECOVERS! Haywood is straight nuts. Every game he just makes ballzy call after ballzy call. A UC penalty put the MU kickoff 15 yards up so that plus momentum probably led to the idea. You play to win the game. Haywood is sending that message to his team loud and clear with his play calling week in and week out.


Miami is driving behind great passing by ZD and a huge UC penalty. Its 2nd and 9 from the 9. MU calls a timeout and something very interesting happened I have not noticed before. Dan Raudabaugh (yes, he is still on the team) came out on the field clapping his hands and walked right up to Dysert to encourage him. Classy move DR.


Yikes that was poor. ZD just threw a crushing interception in the endzone. It was completely his fault. There is no way to get around that. Perfect play call (play action boot leg). The WR was open. ZD just severely under threw it.


Back to back sacks of ZD deep in MU territoty. Didn’t know such things were possible.


That ZD was so huge. If Miami scores there they move within 3 points with a truck load of momentum. Instead, UC stops the rally and now scores a touchdown of their own. This game looked like it was getting good. Now its over. Miami 13, sUCk 30.


I’ll give the Miami fans props. They waited until just now to start the mass exodus. Normally this happens at halftime. It was very weird to see a full student section well past the break.


ZD sacked again. Lots of indecision on this one. Not what I’m used to seeing.


Pike looking a lot sharper now that the game is in hand. Too bad all the scouts already left. UC driving inside MU territory again.


Wow, nice play from both teams right there. Miami played great coverage, enough to put pressure on Pike and flush him out of the pocket. He had a lot of room to run but chose not to. The Miami secondary looked very disciplined as they stayed with the WRs and didn’t come up to contain Pike (which is what he was hoping would happen judging by the looks of it). Even with double coverage in the endzone, Pike hit his WR who made a brilliant tip toe catch for the TD (it was reviewed and confirmed). Miami could not have player that better and neither could have UC. Miami 13, sUCk 37


They just announced that today was the largest crowd at a Miami game since 2003 (97.6% of capacity… somewhere in the 23 thousands). I half expected this but only because I though it would be all UC fans. Not the case. Miami fans did themselves proud today.


Ok so its mid 4th quarter and Miami is down by 24. The spread I got on cent sports was 28.5. Is it wrong for me to root for another UC TD now that the game is out of reach?


Miami had a nice drive going aided by another big UC penalty. Then my man ZD saved my spread hopes by throwing a pick. Still undecided how I feel about this. Lots of mixed emotions right now.


Well Miami just converted a 4th down and now barring a pick 6 I seriously doubt UC will cover. Isn’t that the worst? You team loses and the opponent can’t cover for you. I hate that.


Despite the loss, I think we saw this team make great strides today. Haywood is beginning to prove himself as a coach, both with his play calling and the development of all the young talent. I know its a cliche Ive used at the end of just about every game this year, but the score board does not do justice to how well the RedHawks played today. Yes, UC was the better team, played like it and deserved to win. Even so, Miami had them on the ropes for a bit in the 3rd quarter and this game should have been much closer. WE CAN BUILD ON THIS! (I hope at least some of you read Bill Simmons or no one will get that reference).


Final score Miami 13, sUCK 37. Time for some MIAMI HOCKEY!!!

KSU Blog: Live updates in a golden flash

September 26, 2009


I rolled into CANT last night and immediately gained a heightened appreciation for enrollment at Miami. Don’t be fooled by pop culture, Cleveland definitely does not rock. For starters, it rains here. Unbelievable, right? We were supposed to play disc golf and now we CANT. Also, everything here is not located within one single square mile. That’s right, you CANT walk from one side of town to the other in 15 minutes; for that tour you have to drive. Oh, and in case you want some delicious steamed sandwiches from Bagel & Deli, you CANT have those either. But alas, I digress.

Tonight may very well be the most important game Miami plays all season. It certainly is the most significant contest for the RedHawks thus far. Dropping 0-4 on the season and 0-2 in the MAC is hard enough to stomach. Doing so to a team withouts its starting QB or star RB is just downright demoralizing. If Miami loses, I find it hard to believe they win a game at all in 2009. However, if they can notch that first W tonight, I don’t think two or three more victories are out of the question. These projections are not based on the remaining schedule, but rather the mindset the ‘Hawks will take into it based on tonight’s outcome.

DK Kountry Keys to the Game:

  • Zac Dysert vs His first career start: Perhaps Haywood had this planned all along. Feed Raudabaugh to the wolves (i.e. UK, Boise, WMU) and then let Dysert get his wings in a game where he can succeed. Lets hope that plan plays out on the field and not just on paper.
  • Miami Turnover Bug vs The Weather: Miami has had a real difficulty in hanging onto the ball in recent games (by recent games I mean all of them). Tonight’s downpour won’t help with overcoming that trend.
  • KSU Offense vs MU Defense: As mentioned above, KSU is without its two most significant offensive players tonight. Lets hope this means Miami can keep them under 40 points.

Prediction: Finally, an offense Miami can (supposedly) stop. Perhaps this is also a defense (of first stringers) that Miami can score on. I know these are two novel ideas but I feel mildly confident that both are true. Miami 21, Cant 14.



Sorry for the late start everyone. I got to the game later than I hoped to. The rumors are true, Zac Dysert is indeed starting. He is on the field now after Miami stopped (yes, stopped) KSU on its opening drive. While punting, the flashes snapped the ball over the punter’s head resulting in a net punt of 5 yards. Miami, after a few stupid penalties is now driving (yes, driving) under Zac’s direction. His so called ‘scramble-ability’ is also real and not just a myth. His legs and arm have the Hawks inside the redzone (yes, the redzone).


Hold your horses. Miami’s drive just stalled on the 11 yard line. We now have a (supposedly) makeable field goal on the way.


POINTS! Against a real, live, first-string defense (yes, its CANT State but just humor me here). Sure an otherwise great drive stalled but… POINTS! Against a real, live “first-string” defense. MIAMI 3, CANT 0.

Side note: My outcome prediction looks good here but the points prediction will be tough to match now. Bullock’s!


What did I tell you about those horses? HOLD THEM! KSU just flashed past the Hawks on the kickoff for a really long (I didn’t hear the PA announcement) TD. Its the first KSU kickoff return TD since 2007 (yup, I did hear that one). Missed extra point. Now MIAMI 3, CANT 6.

Side note: Yup, my points prediction is totally screwed now. My outcome may be shot too.


O M G! This game is just straight up off the chain bro. Miami just completed a downfield pass. First the redzone, then points and now this!? What is going on out there!? More ‘scramble-ability’ from Dysert and Miami is back in the redzone. Crazy. I know.


Should I say it? I think its ok. Yeah lets just go ahead and get it out there. ZD looks good. Real good. I hope you don’t believe in jinxes. If you do and ZD immediately starts sucking, I am not, I repeat NOT up in the press box. Ok so yeah obviously I am, but just please don’t come and kill me. I mean this in all honesty; its just an observation: ZD looks good.


CANT ball. Merriweather fumbled. This is NOT my fault. I repeat, NOT my fault. Just because I mentioned turnovers and rain does not mean I caused this. I’m just as mad as you.


First quarter ends with a long pass by KSU. Still in their own territory by definitely not backed up against a wall either. Its raining harder now. I really hope this does not nullify Miami’s passing game.


Fumbleruski!? Really!? That play actually exists!? And works!? This is ridiculous. KSU just scored a 50+ yard TD on a freaking fumbleruski. MIAMI 3, CANT 13


Ok, maybe I should just stop typing, pack it up and go sit in the rain. Dysert just fumbled. I’m starting to think this IS my fault.


Fake field goal. Yawn. Everything is just boring and uncreative after a fumbleruski. Of course it didn’t work (although it almost did). Miami is now back with the ball where ZD fumbled in the first place.


Blocked punt. Are you surprised because I’m not. Right on schedule. CANT back in scoring position. Could this game be any sloppier?


So my thought with the 21-14 prediction was that no one would be able to kick field goals in the rain. Naturally the score is now 3-16 with two field goals made.


Miami is about to go for it on 4th and 1 on the 49. I like the call.


How many jinxes is that tonight? We are definitely getting close to double-digets. KSU ball after a run play from the super power I formation (three backs… I made up the term) failed miserably.


Why is the wildcat called the wildcat when both Arkansas and Mike Vick claim to have invented it, niether of whom are wildcats or played for a team whos mascot was a wildcat? Well regardless, it didn’t work. I hope the only KSU trick play that does is that fumbleruski. All else just not nearly as fun… and I want Miami to win. Another field goal. Number three for the night. Yup, I’m good at this prediction thing. Should fit in well at SI someday. MIAMI 3, CANT 19.


ZD is looking good again. WAIT! NO! I didn’t mean that. He looks terrible. Just don’t jinx him, please.

pssst… He just completed two passes down field to put Miami at the 27. How sexy is that. Told ya he’s looking good. Just don’t tell anyone or he might fumble.


TOUCHDOWN!!! AHHHHH!!! WHAT DO I DO!!! MIAMI SCORED A TOUCHDOWN (against a first string defense)!!!


Ok, don’t worry. I didn’t take a victory lap around the press box and thus didn’t get kicked out. I’m still here chief (ps name that movie reference and get a gold star).

Let’s recap what just happened. In two words: Zac Dysert. Yeah, ZD just happened. Deal with it. My boy just took the Hawks down the field in a classic two minute drill to end the half. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning take notes. Great pocket awareness by this freshman created two brilliant plays. First, a scramble-ability up the middle; it didn’t generate many yards (maybe 5) or even a first down; it did save a sac and keep the ball moving. Second, a ridiculous throw down field on the run; flushed out of the pocket, he didn’t throw a pick or throw it in the stands or run out of bounds. He kept focused and found an open WR. The Miami wide tried to ruin all of this. Reverting back to their 2008 form, two other great passes hit the turf after hitting RedHawk hands. But ZD didn’t freak. He just became one. He went back to one of those same ball droppers and hit em up for SIX. All as the clock was winding down.

Even with that score, the deficit is still a lot worse than Miami is actually playing. Really just a few key turnovers/blockedpunts/fumbleruskis are the only reason CANT is winning right now. I’m not saying Miami is out playing them. I’m saying Miami shouldn’t be losing by nine right now (oh yeah, the score is 19-10 right now… I tend to forget that part a lot). I realize this is the same old story from the first few games. Yes, this whole ‘play ok but get blownout because of turnovers’ routine is getting old. But seriously, this offense is completely different with ZD at the reigns. There is a golden flash of hope for the RedHawks here.


Miami starts with the ball this half. A poor return and stupid penalty puts them at their own 9. Way to keep that momentum rolling!


Three and out with lost yardage. Then a short punt to the 39… WOOP WOOP! All aboard the fail boat.


KSU CANT get do anything with the field position. Three and out. Punt into the endzone. Here’s the battle of attrition I was expecting.


ZD flushed out of the pocket. KSU broken ankles everywhere. Shoulda been a 10 yard loss. Miami first down instead.


Interception. The love/hate relationship continues.


My boy Jordan Gafford just flys into the backfield and sacks the KSU QB for a 18 yard loss. Knocks the flashes back so they CANT kick a field goal. Another punt into the endzone.


Seriously, someone should really pick up all those broken ankles off of the field. They’re starting to get in the way. ZD is nasty good. Love that scramble-ability.


Haha, Miami just ran a draw play and it worked perfectly. Proof that Haywood is a better coach than Monty.


They finally sacked ZD. I think that makes them 1 for like 26 on the night. Of course Zac lets em know whats good by ripping off a 13 yard run the next play.


Another failed 4th down near mid field for Miami. I still agree with the call. I completely disagree with the spot of the ball by the ref.

UGH! Big pass play when everyone is thinking run. KSU TD. MIAMI 10, CANT 26.


One of the best parts of ZDs scrambles is the lady in front of the press box screaming “COME ON! GET HIM!” in a high, whiny voice every time.


WOW! After two 4th and shorts failed you think Haywood might pack it up on 4th and long. NOPE! Zac zips it downfield (I know, Im still getting used to it too) for the first and more.


Dysert. Slicing and dysing on a bootleg to the two yard line. I will never get tired of watching him run.


The super power I is back. This time it works. TOUCHDOWN MIAMI! Down by 10 the Hawks go for two. Apparently the special teams units didn’t make the trip up. Another rare sack of Zac. MIAMI 16, CANT 26.


Ok, when I said the special teams units didn’t make it I meant just the punter and kick. Well I guess the entire unit stayed back with them because KSU just ripped off another huge run back, this time barely short of the 50.


Another nice stop (whats that?) by the Miami D. Great punt (whats that?) by KSU puts Miami at the 2 yard line.


Another draw, another big gain. This is weird and I don’t know what to say.


Holding nullifies a great play call. ZD keeper after play action. I’m telling you this kid looks so good. He’s sexy and he can freaking play some football.


What do ya know, the rain kicks up and Miami fumbles again ::slam forehead against desk… but covertly so no else notices and kicks me out::


Ok now I will say it. Miami is clearly out playing CANT. These turnovers and what not are just out of control.


I am so sorry for all of you reading this who are unable to watch this performance by ZD. I was just about to write how Miami’s drive didn’t go anywhere for the first time since the beginning of the half when he goes all Houdini on some CANT players and runs for another first down. Someone do a count: how many time have I written that tonight? Next play he does it again with this wicked sick spin move that makes the defender literally fall down. Oh hey, I look up from my computer and what do I see… ZD with the ball running wild. KSU just CANT stop him.


If this was a home game for my high school football team, we’d be doing the “HE’s A FRESH-MAN” cheer right now.


This is getting comical. KSU players just keep falling over themselves everywhere as they chase ZD. The drive ends with a long field goal (yup, another one) in the rain. MIAMI 19, CANT 26


Its raining cats and dogs. Literally. Ok not literally, but that would make a really cool sports story. Anyway, its raining really really super de duper do dah hard right now. KSU has the ball at mid field with their first real drive in a long while.


UGH again! Another long run play for CANT to put them inside the red zone. Why do I get the feeling that the rain gives them super powers. Seriously, they play horrible when it stops and awesome (actually, lucky) when it pours.


KSU field goal… in the pouring rain… very suspicious. Also, very crushing for Miami. HAWKS 19, CANT 29


Miami takes over at their 29 with 1:13 left in the game down by 10. Not looking good, especially since its still raining and KSU is thus super charged. Oh yup, and as I type that ZD throws a pick. Game over.


I want to retract an earlier statement. Even tho Miami lost to a pitiful CANT team, I no longer think it means they will go winless. If you hadn’t noticed, I developed a man-crush on ZD tonight. Despite defeat, Dysert was a tasty treat. This team can win games with him once it stops turning the ball.


Hey, Miami gets to go back to Miami and not stay in Kent forever… sounds like a win to me. Goodnight everybody. Stay dry. Stay classy. Oh, and keep reading, keep writing, because some people just KENT.

Blue Turf Live Blog!

September 12, 2009


Don’t get ESPN360? DK Kountry has you covered. I’m not in Boise but I will be following the game online and posting live commentary. Tune in as the RedHawks battle the 12th ranked Broncos on the Smurf Turf. As always, reader comments are encouraged.


DK Kountry key matchups:

  1. Dan Raudabaugh vs Smurf Turf: From watching practice, I agree with Haywood that DR is the most capable quarterback on the Miami roster. The fifth-year senior has proven to be easily rattled, both by crowds and mistakes. Blue jerseys on a blue field, fans who actually care about football and a tough Boise defense just may be the perfect storm of disaster. Note: BSU holds a 64-2 record at home.
  2. Miami defense vs Boise rushing attack: Word from the west says the Broncos are trending away from the days of trick plays in favor of a smash mouth offensive style. Miami starts a very young and inexperienced defense so this game may separate the men from the boys. Note: after calling a fake punt and flea-flicker last weekend, Miami may actually be the team of trickeration in this match up.
  3. Miami WRs vs Boise secondary: One of the few high points of the RedHawk tumble at the river, besides the first quarter, was the play of the MU wide outs. The 2008 plague of the dropped ball seems to have passed. Chris Givens especially impressed me with his physical play over the middle and ability to make catches in traffic. If Miami wants to find the endzone for the first time this season, this veteran crew must step up and lead them there.

Prediction: Cents sports is giving the RedHawks 37 points in this game and I’m taking it on account of a couple of cliches. They say a team makes the most progress between its first and second game. They also say that pride comes before the fall. I think we will see more of the RedHawk team from the first quarter at PBS where the Broncos will be prepared for the one that lost 42-0. Haywood finally saw his team play a real game and can now make the (many) necessary adjustments. Miami falls to 0-2 on the season, but I think they at least play a respectable game… for four quarters and not just one. Broncos 31, RedHawks 10.



Who keeps scheduling Miami games at the same time as OSU games? This needs to stop. Also, ESPN360 needs to allow you access to games before game time. Why don’t I just take over the sports world for a weekend to fix all these kinds of things.


Sorry, my computer just about blew up the first time I tried to load the 360. But don’t worry we are up and running now. Defensive stop for the RedHawks to start the game was encouraging. I didn’t like the play calling on offense but the first down was nice. GREAT coverage on the punt puts BSU deep in their own territory.


Very disappointed that our ENTIRE defense bit on that play action, especially knowing full well how much this team loves the trick play. Holding BSU to a field goal woulda been huge. Unbelievable how different the D looked on consecutive series.

PS How bout this awesome Boise TV station doing the game. I feel like I’m in the 90’s again.


OH NO! The return of the HB draw play. I coulda sworn Montgomery resigned last season.


Good news: Miami’s defense didn’t completely fold after giving up the TD; came back with a three and out. Bad news: DR, as scheduled, did. Interception or not, these screens need to stop. They are not producing anything but short gains and huge turnovers. As with the first score, the MU D looked like it was going to hold em to three (the rally cry on D for the last few years) but then blew coverages once the QB left the pocket. Not a good sign.


Wow DR is exceeding my expectations with how bad he is able to play. The offense was getting on a roll there and he just completely missed his target. On the brighter side of life: Chris Givens is really good. Anytime I ever say “good catch, who was that” it is always Givens. Also, Merriweather looks like he really wants his job back. Ran really well that series. Stupid DR.


TACKLE!… please.


I know its not worth my time to complain about DR staying in the game. We all learned that lesson last week. He is staying in no matter what. But I just saw him enter in to what I will call his ‘cry baby pouty face’ mode and that’s never good. Its only 14 nothing but this game is unwinnable with a cry baby pouty face DR under center.

Good news: MU continues to win field position battle… even if it hasn’t mattered thus far.

Side note: Can we get a yellow first down marker line on the field? Common Boise Channel 7, this is the 21st century.


We have descent pressure on their QB but once again our good news doesn’t seem to matter what so ever. Man that pick was huge. If Boise scores there this game quite easily turns into Tumble at the Rivee 2.o. Lets hope our line can start blocking at least half as well as theirs.


This game is so close to being so close. Miami’s defense is in bend just enough to break mode and Miami’s offense is in get as many yards without actually scoring mode. Extremely frustrating. Who wants to bet that the missed PAT comes back to haunt Boise…

…yeah me niether.


I still can’t believe this game is 20-0. Miami has played so much better than that with the exception of DR. Before the blocked punt I feel like Haywood was unsure of what he wanted to do. I got the sense he wanted to run the first two downs to keep the clock moving and then make a desperate pass play just in case we could keep the drive alive. He somehow achieved both goals and still came up with no score and an eventual Boise TD. Miami just can’t get a break.

Random observations:

  1. There is a Miami section… sorta… ok not really but the camera man did a great job of zooming in really close to make it look like our 15 fans constituted a section.
  2. The Yamaha Snake River Sideline Cam is AWESOME. For those of you not watching, it is literally a gator 4-wheeler with plywood supporting a camera on a tripod. This TV station just continues to crack me up.

For the second half: This feels just like the UK game but slightly less daunting. I’m willing to stick my neck out and say we played two solid quarters here (minus a few plays here and there) instead of just one, even if the score doesn’t reflect this fact. Once again I am quite curious to see how the second half goes. I’m thinking one of two scenarios. Option 1: Miami keeps playing like it has but with better luck; this leads to a score or two for MU as well as Boise, bringing us right around my 31 – 1o pregame prediction. Option 2: Tumble at the River the sequel; Miami folds, Boise romps and covers the spread; MU claims No. 1 on the ESPN Bottom 10 list and I lose $3 on cent sports. Lets hope its option 1.


Ahh ok now this is Miami football. It took a game and a half to set in but we are finally back to the stupid penalties of old. Two in one series! Also, there are two trends from the first half that concerned me, one of which continued on that first drive: bad blocking on the run and poor coverage of WRs on extended pass plays. Let’s hope our secondary can keep up with the BSU wideouts when their QB leaves the pocket, which seems to happen a lot.


Yikes, that was not a good series on D for MU. I am no longer feeling good about that 37 point spread.


I am just now noticing this. Why did Boise fans decide to do a whiteout against… us. I mean I’m all for love and honor but let’s get real here, Miami does not warrant a whiteout.

Back to the game: DR makes his first legitimate attempt at completing a deep pass. Man that was actually close to being caught. Too bad once again.


How is the Miami D so unprepared for this trickeration? The entire country loves Boise State for their trickeration. This is entering embarrassing land for the second week in a row. Even more concerning: Miami continues to fail coverage on third down.


17 rush yards through three quarters. ZERO points through seven quarters. We had good punt coverage all night until just now where we gave up a 50 yard return.

All aboard the fail boat. Woop! Woop!


Ok, Boise just put their back up QB in. Why can’t Miami do the same. There should be a rule that if a team is ever winning by over 30 points both teams are mandated to put in their back up QB.

I guess it needs to be noted that Miami just forced a punt. This was more a product of BSU not executing than good D, but even so we need to take what we can get.


I got my wish. Dysert is in. On his first pass he… throws a pick inside the 10. Great. One more inductee to the fail boat. There goes my $3 on cent sports. 41-zip Boise.


Another Dysert pick. This is like ordering dessert at a fancy restaurant and then discovering it tastes awful. Granted this pick was a tipped ball so not completely his fault but still.

Snake River Sideline Cam makes another appearance. So great.

Boise scores. Yawn. Boise players don’t look like they care anymore and neither do I.


Good news: its over. Now on to MAC play. I like how every week there is a legitimate reason for me to stay quasi optimistic despite the facts. Anyway, maybe the RedHawks will score next week… and not get beat by +40. Hey I can hope. This should be a fun game story to write. Stay tuned!

Rumble at the River LIVE!!!

September 4, 2009


Can’t make it to Paul Brown Stadium Saturday? DK Kountry has you covered. I will be posting live updates from the press box during Miami’s season opener against Kentucky. Commentary will be all encompassing, from game action and personnel updates to cheerleader blunders and vendor calls. The best part? Reader interaction. Send in questions, comments and concerns to receive instant feedback (seriously, I don’t think too many people will actually be doing this so I can all but guarantee a 100% response rate).


11:00 a.m.

Ladies and gentlemen… LET GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!

I survived the long and strenuous journey to Paul Brown Stadium and all systems are go. After a 45 minute drive with my partners in crime from WMSR and The Miami Student, we found the designated media parking… under Great American Ball Park. I guess someone forgot to mention that this is a football game being played in the football stadium.

During our riverfront hike halfway across the stadium we passed by the tailgate area. I was under the impression that this was a home game for Miami. You would guess the opposite after seeing the sea of blue with tiny dots of red scattered among the waves of UK fans.

We finally made it to the concourse entrance where a skeptical security guard directed us to the far side of the stadium. During this second hike we passed several gates, including one labeled ‘media entrance,’ but were turned aside at each. After our tour of PBS, we eventually arrived at our spot. A long escalator ride up and a flight of stairs down (yes, they had us going all over) brought me to my current location, seat No. 8 on press row.

This is certainly the largest press box I have ever been in and I’ll reluctantly go ahead and say it’s one of the nicest as well. I am the eighth closest seat to midfield. My only two complaints at this point are the closed windows and the empty buffet.

Only one hour left until kick off. Football season is finally here! Now if we could only get some food in here, I’d like to recover from the morning workout.

11:33 a.m

I am pleased to announce that I write this next entry on a full stomach. The cuisine consisted egg salad, chicken fingers, chips and cookies. Could be better could be worse. Players from both teams are on the field warming up. Can’t wait to get this thing started after a sold eight months of PR hype.

11:55 a.m.

Five minutes until game time! Kentucky side looks pretty full. Miami side does not. Are they sure this is a home game for the ‘Hawk? Kentucky band just played jump around. SO great!


Woods returns the kickoff from the goaline to the 10. This is followed by a miscued pass play and a one yard rush. A loss on a draw ends the series. Yikes, not a good start for the ‘Hawks.


Time out Miami on UKs first possession. This is something the Rams would do. No that is not a compliment. Hey at least our new unis look sweet!


Great QB pressure on 3rd and long forces a 43 yard field goal which is missed. The Uk drive didn’t start well for Miami but this might give MU some confidence.


FAKE PUNT! IT WORKED! AWESOME! Oh my goodness Miami actually has a drive going in the first quarter. This hasn’t happened in four years. A couple of nice runs and a great pass by DR on a scramble and MU is in UK territory!


Hey this IS a Miami home game. UK fans still dominate numbers wise, but it feels a lot like Yager when all the Red shows up several drives in. Much better tackling by the ‘Hawks this time around. UK gets off a booming punt. Woods does a nice job of avoiding a smack down and takes the ball out to the 35. Hey, this isn’t going so bad.


Miami converts on third down for the first time on a nice pass by DR. Three plays later he takes off with the ball and slides a yard short of the sticks. Seriously, all he had to do was fall forward and its 1st and 10 inside the 10. Cook then misses a layup field goal. Not a good end to an otherwise great drive.


Good night this UK punter can kick. I mean all punters can but this guy just keeps booting bombs. 1st quarter ends with a nice juke (WOOP!) by Jamal Rodgers to give MU first and 10 at the 34.


DR looks great on the run. He just completed another big pass while out of the pocket. WHAT!?!? I spoke to soon. DR just lobbed up a pass equivalent of a punt. Just chucked it down field. No red jerseys in the area code. I seriously thought the UK DB was going to call a fair catch. Yikes that was aweful.


Touchdown Wildcats. Our secondary has look good all day until now. It seemed like a pretty simple play. Basically just a go route where the WR got behind the D. Wow this game looked like it was going our way until the last two minutes happened.


Another Wildcat TD. The SEC speed is starting to kick into gear. The back just ran past our entire defense. Several coverage breakdowns kept the drive alive beforehand as well. Miami better get it together on both sides of the ball quick or this could get out of hand.


This is really frustrating. Minus each team’s first drive Miami looked really good in the first quarter, especially on D. Now Hartline has all day to throw and our secondary just can’t keep up with the speedy UK wideouts for that long. The Wildcat athleticism factor is really taking its toll. Oh and what do ya know, as I type this UK makes a leaping catch in the end zone to go up by 21.


I wonder what type of locker room coach Haywood will make. What do you say after two completely different quarters like that? It was like watching two separate games. The second half should give RedHawk fans a good barometer of what the season will be like. Last year in this situation the team just folded like a lawn chair. I’d like to believe that won’t happen under Haywood but who knows. I’ve been saying all preseason that MU won’t necessarily win too many more games than in 2008 but they will at least be much more competitive. The 1st quarter backed that and the 2nd quarter did not. I’m really anxious to see what goes down in half number two.

I think MU needs a change at QB. Dysert is the backup on the depth chart and I would probably go with him first. He is one of three QBs hailed as the next Big Ben. Another one of that group, freshman Austin Boucher, is another option, maybe late in the game. Perhaps its best to let him redshirt but then again maybe we need to get him going. What Dysert does if/when he plays in this game should bring clarity to that decision.


So is anyone actually reading this. Not that it matters because I will still go on blogging to no one if that is the case. Its a fun way for me to keep notes. I only ask because I want to remind ‘everyone’ that user comments are allowed and encouraged.


Now comes the true test of whether this is a MU home game or not. Will the Miami fans stick around? We all know if this was at Yager the TV ratings on the OSU would be doubling right about now.


Its official. THE WHEELS ARE COMING OFF! No pressure on the QB. Secondary keeps getting burned. Cobb just totally made the LBs look silly with a designed draw. Kentucky has now scored on its last three possessions, four out of the last five. As for the MU fans, the jury is still out on them. The sea of Blue in front of me is still strong though.


DR still under center for MU… and he fumbles the first snap… and he almost throws a pick 6… anyone else hungry for Dysert?


There’s that pick 6 DR tried for last drive. Maybe that’s just what this team needs. Maybe now Haywood will make that QB change. MU crowd is definitely thinned out a bit. Still descent showing though. I know its a long drive home but 35-0 could be all these poor fans can take.


Ok, lets regroup here. New goal. The worst season opener loss in MU history came in 1891. Miami lost 0-104 to Ohio Wesleyan. Let’s try to break this 108 year old record!


42-0. Boise State should be fun next week. Who’s ready for hockey season?


Ok now I’m just angry. There is seriously no reason for DR to still be in this game. On that same note though, I want to retract an earlier statement. Austin Boucher should definitely redshirt. Don’t burn one of his years on this team. Wait until we have a full year under Haywood to rebuild.

By the way, I don’t think I have ever seen a game where a team is winning by so much that even its own fans are bored. The UK crowd has been taken out of the game… by their own team. Unbelievable.


UK goes for a 4th and goal from the seven yard line. No score but they still gained five yards. Does that’s count as a defensive stop? We’re still at 42-0 but the BEAT goes on.


Ok I’m packing it in for the day… about three quarters after the MU team did. Post game interviews should be interesting. I am still working on getting my sound bites loaded up to this site. Cross your fingers on that one and you may have a nice pick-me-up tomorrow morning. I’m sure whatever the MU coaches and players say will be quite uplifting. Haywood has a lot more work to do than I thought.

Editor’s Note: The game ended with a 42-0 final score. Just in case anyone was on the edge of their seat waiting for that.