About ‘DK’

Dan Kukla is the former author of Kukla’s Korner as seen on Facebook and The Miami Student. He is not to be confused with Paul Kukla, the current lead author of Kukla’s Korner as seen at kuklaskorner.com (a great site for all hockey fans… check it out).

DK grew up in St. Louis, MO where he attended Kirkwood High School with Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin. He graduated from Miami University, which was a school (in Ohio) before Florida was a state.

Some of DK’s favorites include Jesus, the Cardinals, Rootbeer and Rick Reilly.

Dan enjoys fast paced walks on the beach under a quarter moon and a cloudy sky. He only runs when he is being chased and never eats anything bigger than his head.



5 Responses to About ‘DK’

  1. Jeice says:

    I got an audible chuckle from the phrase “member of the Navigators with Rich Jarvi”. I just like the fact that Rich got a separate shoutout because he’s just that sweet, like how they came out with a new cartoon they decided to name “Wolverine and the X-men.”

  2. John says:

    I also got a good laugh out of the shout out to Rich. Also funny, the half victory lap around Miami. Spectacular.

  3. Lexie says:

    Hey! This site looks great! I loved this little bit of info, and I second the comment about being on Navs with Rich Jarvi and the half victory lap… Also, I like how you never run unless you’re being chased 🙂

  4. Tim Riordan says:

    Hi, I like the blog and was hoping you would be up for a blog exchange before the Buffalo Game..

  5. Carolyn Olson says:

    I too, am a fan of Rick Reilly! Was heartbroken when he left Sports Illustrated. Welcome to Carlsbad, Dan! Thanks for publishing our Special Olympic NM stuff! It means a lot to our athletes!

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