A Swift Taylor-ing of my blog

December 22, 2009

In no way am I saying Taylor Swift is God. Let’s get that one clear from the start. That being said, I had an epiphany of sorts today while singing along to one of her songs in the car (to answer your question, yes, I do this often. To answer your other question, yes, I am comfortable sharing this fact on the world wide web).

“You Belong With Me” is clearly written from the love-struck perspective of a teenage (she’s actually 20 now) girl about some cute guy with mixed-up priorities when it comes to women. It actually works much better, however , as a song from God to you.

Ok, sure, this thought isn’t all that revolutionary considering the title of the song. But take a look at the verses (as if you don’t already have them all memorized) and you may be surprised at just how on to something I am here.

“She doesn’t get your humor like I do… She’ll never know your story like I do.” Well duh. That’s because “I” am God. You know, the same God that, um, made you. The same God that not only knows your story but wrote it Himself. Just sayin.

“She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts. She’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers.” Yup, not only is this actually a song about God, but it’s a Christmas song too. Jesus didn’t come to earth as a prince but a pauper. His human dad was a carpenter not a king. Heck, he was born in a freaking manger – as in the thing farm animals eat out of and probably drool in to. Yeah, I’ll go out on a limb and say mondern day Jesus probably doesn’t shop at J Crew. Just sayin.

“You say you’re fine I know you better than that. Whatchya doin with a girl like that?” Here’s the real kicker. In addition to being a song about the real God, it’s also a song about all our fake ones too. Ok, so maybe you don’t pull out a mini golden Buddha during morning prayer, but if you’re anything like me then you still struggle with worshiping idols. Sports teams/players, relationships (perhaps your “significant” other), money, a career, image, pleasure, comfort… yourself. These things aren’t bad. Yup, God made them too. When we pour our lives into them, however, that’s when we crack. These broken cisterns don’t hold water as well as we’d like and we just end up empty and/or exhausted. Whatchya doin with a girl like that?

God wants to be in a love relationship with you. That’s what you were made for. Can’t you see He’s the one that understands you? So why look to someone or something else for life? God has been here all along so why can’t you seeeeee… he’s been dreaming of the day when you wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.

You belong with ‘Me’.